The Castle

In the Castle, where the Stephens girls played a hundred years ago and where Ironmaster Stephens received King Oscar II, time has stood still. Here, one can still hear the rustling of the women’s skirts, the chambermaids’ brisk steps across floors, and the dogs padding over the beautiful carpets. The smell of cigars and pipes still lingers in the men’s writing room.

Florence wanted to preserve the Castle for posterity

Ms. Florence Stephens, the last private owner of Huseby Bruk, reverently called Huseby Manor “Huseby Castle”, a beautiful name for the property located just next to the creek Helige å. The Castle has been preserved with all its furnishings since the late 1800s, since Miss Stephens wanted her home to remain as it was during her childhood. There are over twenty rooms, all with their own history, furniture and objects.

Priceless treasures

The crystal chandeliers are still lit in the beautiful parlours and the beds are made, as if they are waiting for the family to go to bed. The unique room of collectibles holds an array of curious objects – an Egyptian sarcophagus, a relic box, Jerusalem’s Temple, a mammoth tooth, and much more. A total of 5000 objects!! All objects were collected in the 1800s by Ms. Stephens’ Grandpa, Professor George Stephens.

A weakness for royalty

In the King’s bedroom, the cheetah pelt which he put his feet on still remains, and the bed canopy still thrones over Elisabeth’s embroidered bedspread made out of filet lace. It is easy to imagine Ms. Stephens as a hostess, sitting at the table in the library with King Gustav V as a guest in the house during the military operation in 1938. Back then, the table was laid with the beautiful table plateau, reflecting the candles and flowers.

The Castle has varying opening hours, see the heading “Program”. Please contact the Tourist Information Centre to reserve a spot on the guided tours (guided tours are held in Swedish) or to learn more about Huseby and the stunning Castle.