At Huseby, we have several exciting shops with a wide assortment of products that are unique and reflect the history of the estate. An edge made out of iron for your flower bed, a Huseby-elf, or a bouquet of fragrant flowers that have been grown by the gardener, are some of the things you can find here.

Welcome to the Old Forge!

In the Old Forge, the smith worked with everything from machines to horseshoes. Today, the beautiful old stone building houses the reception and the estate’s shop. The shop has a selection of exciting products that reflect the history of the estate and the season’s exhibitions. In the small greenhouse outside, you find historical plants from the park and garden.

Here you can also buy tickets for guided tours and other current events.


The Bishop’s House Ceramics

“When thoughts want to convey something, the light dyes it, and the hands shape it, something real is created, something genuine.”

In the upper floor of the Bishop’s house, you find Huseby’s ceramicist Ingrid Larsson who also is an artist who paints on linen cloth with linseed oil paint. Here, she exhibits and sells her unique ceramics as well as her paintings. One of her specialities is the “Husebytomte” – the Huseby-elf, who is said to have been real. She also arranges pottery nights.

Read more about Ingrid’s products here. (Only in Swedish)

Kronobergslöjdarna in Grevebyggnaden

Kronobergsslöjdarna is a non-profit association that currently has 29 members. Everyone lives in Kronoberg County, and here they show and sell their creations. They work in all kinds of materials and care for high quality and craftsmanship. There are many specialties among the craftsmen; woodwork, tin craft, weaving, ceramics, sewing, and lots more. The members themselves are in the shop and are happy to tell you about the craft.

Read more about Kronobergsslöjdarna here(Only in Swedish)