Elisabeth's Garden - An exhibition by Maria Lindberg

Welcome to Elisabeth’s Kitchen- and Fruit garden!


When Miss Elisabeth Krueger married Joseph Stephens in 1880 in the presence of King Oscar II, she was not only the new missus at Huseby, she was also responsible for the kitchen- and fruit garden. We know that she had an interest for this kind of labour before she got married, but now she gained the opportunity to develop even further.

Amongst her responsibilites there was the ordering of plants and seeds. This was done through different post offices and the delivery was smoothly done through the new railway network. The nearest train stations were Grimslöv and Vislanda and from there it was transported by horse carriage.

At the end of the 1700s it was the great era of agriculture and crop cultivation. Never before did we grow those kind of amounts of the same vegetable. The seed catalogues from that time show an endless supply of different kinds more greater than the other. Vegetables was the most important thing in the kitchen garden to maintain, but the cut flowers was equally important because of the significance to have fresh flowers for decoration in the Castle.

In the summer of 2002 marks as the grand opening of the ”newold” kitchen garden. Much thanks to old letters and order cards we know a great deal about what was grown in the garden 100 years ago and the ambition is, as much as possible, to recreate the glory of the garden that it had during Elisabeth’s time.


The exhibition will be available from 1st of May to 17th of November in the kitchen garden and the Greenhouse. Photography exhibition by Maria Lindberg.