The Animals at Huseby

Down in the kitchen garden you will find the Stephens’s dog house, where in the past, pugs and other small furry dogs of different breeds used to run around. Nowadays it’s the peacock and hens that strut around in the nice little yellow octagonal house. The gang now living in the old dog’s house include:


The drama queen and hypochondriac of a peacock. Has somewhat of a limp from an injury he suffered in his youth, but if ask him yourself, it occurred as he tried to save a beautiful maiden from fainting. For the most part he struts around on steady legs, but when he does not get what he wants, he limps more than usual.

The Huseby hens

Together with Albin live a group of Huseby hens, a breed that Florence really liked and kept at Huseby during her time. They are back again in to groups, led by the cocks Karl and Greger. The hens lay small eggs and sometimes they turn into very cute chickens.


The Huseby dogs

The dog Tutti works at Huseby and is the dog boss. Tutti and the other dogs helps their colleagues with a little of everything around the area. Sometimes they works at the castle, but you can also find them in the garden or at the office in the Old Forge where they runs things. Follow Tutti’s work together with the other dogs on the instagram account “Husebyhunden”.

Our four-legged friends

We also have severeal horse events during the seasons. The grass in the kitchen garden is cut by means of real horsepower, and part of the haymaking is also made by horse. Our beautiful stable often houses handsome horses of different kinds, among other things, the Ardennes Club has stallion shows and foal exhibitions.