Opening of Huseby Bruk's clone archive

15th of June

Welcome to the opening of Huseby Bruk’s clone archive the 15th of June!

POM, the program for cultivated diveristy have named Huseby Bruk a clone archive for perennials from the regions Småland and Blekinge and flower bulbs from Småland. The opening is held in Swedish.


Kl. 14.00 Linnea Oskarsson and Karin Persson from the National Gene Pool and the Program for cultivated diversity, POM, present the clone archive and all the fantastic plants and their conservation.

Kl. 14.15 Elisabeth Svalin Gunnarsson talks to Gunnel Larsson who has donated a very pretty garden auricula which has been named “Krusenstiernska”. It can be traced back to the garden Krusenstiernska in Kalmar all the way to the beginning of the 20th century.

Kl. 14.30 Karin and Linnea from the National Gene Pool and Huseby’s gardener Ann-Charlotte Hermansson plant a dahlia from Småland’s clone archive.

Kl. 14.45 The plants from the clone archive are shown.

Kl. 15.30 Elisabeth Svalin Gunnarsson lectures in Swedish about Gardening women through history.
The lecture costs 50 kr/person, buy your ticket here.

There are plants from the clone archive and roses, geraniums, perennials and dahlias and historical plants from Huseby for sale.

The Ardennes horse club with the handsome horse Harry mows the lawn in the garden with a horse drawn lawn mower.