Animals, flowers and beautiful old things

On display til November 2018

Welcome to an exhibition by artist Lina Gardelid in ‘Gamla Smedjan’

Lina Gardelid was born and raised in northern Skåne, but now lives in Gemla, approx. 15 km from Huseby.

Lina paints with acrylics and her love for old and beautiful things are obvious in her creations. Aesthetics are at the forefront; a still life should tell its own story and have their own relation to the observer. The motives are often calm and harmonious. Lina has recently begun to explore and interpret the Flemish way of painting in the 1700th century, which is mainly present in the darker motives.

Huseby Bruk has come to have a special place in Lina’s heart, and in the exhibition you will find a few unique creations that have been born from her visits to the castle.

The exhibition has both originals and FineArt-copies.