The Children’s Huseby

In the past, the children used to run along the street, hoping that the Iron Master would go for a walk. Because if they greeted him really courteously, he would sometimes give them some coins to buy sweets within the general store.

Like back in the old days

The old general store still sells sweets, and even though the Iron Master might not make an appearance every day, children still are very much welcome at Huseby. To run about on the narrow walks in the park, greet the peacocks and chickens, and, like the children back in the day, ride hobbyhorses in the garden or walk on stilts. These are some of the things that our younger guests like to do.

It is also exciting to visit the Castle and “Statarmuséet” (the museum of the agricultural contract-workers) to see how the children and adults used to live, in rich families as well as in poor.

Closer to nature with naturum

Naturum Kronoberg (the Visitor Centre) suits the whole family and has exciting animal and nature exhibitions with a crafts’ room and an experience room. Find out how heavy a wolf is, creep up in the eagle’s nest, and see if you can guess who the poo belongs to. During summer, bug safaris, hikes, experiments and explorations are organised. Naturum also arranges a nature school and different guided tours for groups.

Children’s parties

Has to be pre-booked. Time: 2,5 hrs

Do you want an exciting birthday party out of the ordinary? Then you are welcome to book one with us. At naturum, we arrange children’s birthday parties that become an unforgettable experience. The party lasts for 2,5 hours, in which we will carry out an exploration and have time for something to eat.

Price: 120 SEK / child. It is possibility to barbecue outside naturum. Hotdogs, fruit drinks/squash and cake can be added for 50 SEK / child.

Choose between two themes:

Find Ms. Stephens’ lost jewels

The children get a map, fun tasks and riddles to solve together with the leader. Ms. Stephens lost her jewels during an evening walk, and now the children can help find them around Huseby Bruk.

Among fairies and trolls

The troll has stolen the fairy’s gold! To get the gold back, the children have to exchange several items from nature that we find along the way to the troll’s nest.